Identity profile: Kilo

Kilo is deceased.
Here is the epitaph : Kilo has passed away unfortunately... I have made this page for memorial reasons. he was such a good boy taken away from us way to early... He was always so happy and we miss him more than anything in the world and we would give anything to have him back in our arms... I'm so sorry my boy I wish we had more time together and I wish you never had to go through what you did... you were so perfect in every aspect buddy even when you couldn't figure out how to show your affection so you would just lay on top of mom and press your snout against her face or when you would throw the pillows up in the air with your nose and slide under them trying to get comfy but realize you were too hot and come back out and lay on the carpet instead... You weren't the smartest yet but we were working on it... we love you so much... rest easy our little Kilo boy... You little shitball!!