Frequently Asked Questions

The getmeHOME tag is a tag that pet owners attach to their pet's collar. Each tag is engraved with a number. The finder of the lost pet is prompted to visit the site, or call the toll-free number 1-866-637-4250.

  • If the finder decides to use the site, he or she is prompted to enter the number on the tag to access a micro-site displaying selected information about the pet and the pet owner (pet owners select the information that will be displayed).
  • If the finder prefers to call the toll-free number, getmeHOME forwards the call directly to the pet owner and sends a text message to the pet owner (if a cell number has been provided here as well, the information can be customized).
An email message and a text message are also sent, informing the pet owner that their pet has been found. If the pet owner is not reachable, the finder can leave a message or talk to the operator of the site.

There are several possibilities:

  • Go to, click on "register your tag" and fill in the information.
  • Via text message, by sending your tag number to 1 778 654-8420
  • Once activated don't forget to complete your personal profile and your pet's profile. This will increase the chances of getting your pet back home.

To make sure your pet tag is activated, simply go to and click on "found a pet", enter the number on the tag to find your pet. You can also, if you prefer, call the getmeHOME toll-free number.

If your pet gets lost, simply log in on, click on "My account" and change the status of your pet (from HOME to LOST). You'll notice a new "Lost" menu on the left: This is a set of additional tools to help you get reunited with your lost pet.

Simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Send a text message with your tag number (only works with 7 digit number tags) to the following telephone number: 1-778-654-8420
  • You will receive a text message reply that will let you know if your activation was successful. The message will contain your username and password that you need to create your profile on the website.
  • Log into with your phone number as User-ID and your tag number as password and fill out your personal and your pet's profiles

We do not have stocks of unused GetMeHome tags.All GetMeHome are distributed through vet clinics, so if your pet lost its tag, just visit your vet clinic and ask for a replacement tag (that should not be a problem). When you have the new tag, just register it with the same information you used for the first tag (same email address, same pet name). The replacement in the database will be automatic.