Discover our services Tags for your cat or for your dog!
Provide your pet with extra protection. Thanks to the simple and secure process, finders of your lost pet can easily contact you. The platform works 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure you get re-united with your missing pet. With, you can generate a mobile micro-site where your contact details and a description of your pet are provided. 

Activate your pet tag!
It’s easy to register your pet on-line. Just provide your contact information (email, cell) so we can immediately forward the call from the finder of your pet and notify you. 

Safe and Secure!
Our system works 24/7. Every tag displays an identification code. If a pet is unfortunately lost, and someone finds it, the information located on the back of this unique tag prompts the finder to visit As soon as the code is keyed in, forwards the call to the pet owner. Notifications are also sent via text messages (SMS) and via email.